The story so far...

Dirt bikes and motocross have always been a love and passion of mine. First bike I ever got was a '98 CR 80, back in the day when they only had one radiator and radiator shroud! After about 6 months of riding, in an unfortunate accident of someone cutting the local woods track and t-boning me, I broke the tibia in my left leg clean in half. Crazy to think that was 16 years ago now.. Since that time I have ridden on and off, over the year for fun and just to enjoy the thrill of twisting a throttle now and then. In recent years, the fire has grown and has become a full-time hobby, but more importantly an escape and form of therapy. I can't imagine what I would be doing instead of spending a Saturday afternoon, playing in the dirt and sand, and shooting some photos!

I have always had a love for technology and photography. From a young age I always admired how my grandfather would be the family photographer and capture the moments of his family from behind the lens. Throughout my life I have always done tried to do the same thing, and it naturally evolved into taking photos at the track. Watching riders throwing huge whips over jumps, or navigating a two-foot deep rut with persuasion, has always fascinated me to watch the technique. I have found that through motocross photography I am able to not only combine all my interests, but also am able to create lasting memories for other riders and families.

Who's the camera guy?


I love taking photos of races and enjoy any projects riders come up with. If you are interested in a photo/ride session or have an event you are attending, feel free to get in touch with me.

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